Our founder, Matt Remillard, began our company with a desire to see media and technology flourish in the local church.  Matt started leading worship in youth group, and made it official as a calling and profession in 2003.  Now a licensed minister, he has had the privilege to work in almost every aspect of church leadership.  Beginning as a worship leader and youth pastor, then a Music Director, Multimedia Director, and then eventually the Technical Director of Calvary Christian Center, a church with more than 10,000 members that call it home.  During this time he developed the web site, assisted in setting up the full video for a new 3,000 seat facility, oversaw a full renovation of the lighting system, and created many new audio systems, as well as being the weekly audio engineer.

Having had the opportunity to start in a small church with almost no budget, and then eventually work with some of the best musicians and acts in the church world today.  He felt uniquely qualified to help churches of all sizes to procure the proper equipment and setup the systems needed to be successful.

During his time at Calvary, Matt began getting a lot of requests from other churches help with Technological, Audio or Video needs that he desired to help hands-on, but unfortunately time would not allow. So in leaving Calvary, Matt’s desire was to begin a company that could instantly elevate the presentation of any church, no matter how small or large, to take it to a level they were not able to reach without help.  So the name was born.

Over the years Matt had the opportunity to work with a lot of talented peers. His path crossed with a lot of different lighting directors, audio engineers, video directors, camera operators, and tech directors with unique and diversified skills.  He stayed in contact with these guys, many of whom went on to work in the corporate sector with the attractions in Orlando, or various venues.  And these same talented people, are the ones that make up the Ascension Media team.  That is why we can honestly say that we can work with churches from 100 to 20,000.

Ascension Media offers some services that are rarely seen elsewhere in the technological world.  We have a team that comes in your event/service and does a full live and online analysis of your company/organization.  We can tell the corporate leadership/lead pastor what needs to be fixed immediately, and what can wait and be placed in priority order, and best of all we can handle all of this in-house.  We can even help you automate your entire event/service, if you have difficulty in getting qualified volunteers or an adequate team to guarantee consistency.  Whether it’s lighting, LED wall sales & service, stage design, audio, web development, broadcast video, live stream, or automation.  We have the skills and the team to make it happen.  Give us a call, you’ll be glad you did.

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