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Social Media + Digital Marketing

Social media marketing is extremely complex.  Not only is it important to create excellent content, but also to put together a full campaign that is focused on the specific market you are attempting to reach.  Also, it’s important to communicate the message in a way the demographic is most likely to receive.  That’s where we put together not only the discipline of social media & digital marketing, but also graphic design, photography, video production, editing and more.

We then combine that with the knowledge of the different platforms for optimization and use that to create powerful advertising and marketing campaigns for our clients.  Whether based in photography, graphic design, or video.  We tell the stories that bring customers to our clients.

Photography + Graphic Design

With social media and digital marketing, the most important thing to consider is the fact that unless your message comes through in a clear and professional way, you will not be successful.  That’s why at Ascension Media we merge Graphic Design + Photography to make up our image marketing.  Whether it’s finding an interesting perspective, or making a clear declaration of what a product us.  Visual communication is the language of our current generation.  They see feeling behind images, and they understand concepts that are being related through images.  So it’s our job to communicate the same way!

Our goal is to create a clear pathway for our Social Media/Digital Marketing team to work through the other branches of our company to make sure the client gets the message.    To do this we use Graphic Design + Photography at the forefront of everything we do!

Video Production + MoGraph

With thousands of videos under our belt from many different genres, we have the expertise it takes to produce the video that will be the basis of your digital campaign.  Whether using cinema quality cameras, steadicam, or even our FAA Licensed Drone Pilots, we have the personnel and the knowledge the get the right shot the first time!  And with 1000’s of hours of editing in not only traditional film but also the green screen corporate style.  We’ve got you covered.

Once the project is filmed and edited, we also have Motion Graphics (MoGraph) artists that specialize in adding that special visual artistic touch to the graphics, titles and so much more! And our creative design team will put it all together with the graphic design and marketing team to put together an entire campaign that has cohesive look and feel!

Live Stream + Broadcast

It seems almost counter-intuitive that when discussing social media we would be talking about Live Stream, or does it?  Our world is moving to a place where we want to consume media faster, better, and more quickly than ever before.  Since the wide use of livestream first began in churches a few years ago, our owner and his team have been bringing viewers into live events.  We can now use a tool like Facebook live to have an online raffle, or to hear peoples response to a story or to discuss the way people feel about an event in real time.  And the team at Ascension Media are uniquely poised to make this happen.

We also have the expertise and years of experience in Broadcast Video + Live Audio + IT  to bring your event to the world, with transparency.  Helping people feel like they’re in attendance.  And to encourage the interaction between the client (you) and your audience (the world).  Let’s get out there!

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Social Media + Digital Marketing