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LED Walls & Fixtures from Ascension Media

Expert System Design

There’s more to an LED Wall or a lighting system than it’s individual components.  LED Systems are incredibly advanced and require a lot of coordination between electrical contractors, integrators, and your team.  Ascension Media has the experience and know-how to design the wall to fit the space, and to make sure that the infrastructure is in place to insure a safe & secure installation.

From support structure to hanging braces, our team will work with you to guarantee your facility is ready ahead of time to ensure the most seamless installation experience possible.

LED Fixtures & Lighting

Ascension Media is uniquely poised in the international landscape to do something truly extraordinary.  Not only can we get you all the best fixtures from staple brands like Martin, High End Systems, ETC, Chauvet Pro and more, but we can also use our international reach to extend better pricing to our clients by sourcing products directly in China.  We have the ability to locate international vendors, and provide products at a fraction of the price by bypassing the US companies and going to China direct.  And true to our other products, we will also support these products as well.

Professional Installation

Not only are LED Walls a challenge to setup infrastructure for, they can be a challenge to install.  Not only do our specialists know the panels we sell inside-and-out, they are also fantastic troubleshooters.  There’s never an issue we can’t solve, and when there’s hardware that goes down, we have direct factory support to get the wall back up-and-running!

We are also fully insured, so your installation is safe with us!  We also have experts that can teach you how to maintain the wall, and how to make any repairs needed should the need arise.  And we give you spare parts to help with these modular systems should a component go down. Our job is to expect the unexpected.

Guarantees and Warrantees

As we’ve said, the traditional nervousness most people have with products directly from China is a lack of support, however Ascension Media is proud to say that we are able to offer our customers peace of mind.  With our relationships with the companies in China, we can offer support for these products, and often extended support after US company support would end.

About 95% of these products are made in the same location in China we source them directly from.  All we are doing is cutting out the middle-man, and selling the products directly to you the end-user.  Please make a call and schedule a demo today, you’ll be glad you did!

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LED Walls & Fixtures