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Technological Evaluations

Ascension Media has a team that will both arrive onsite, and also view your online presence to let you know if you’re church is garnering the right kind of attention from the outside world.  We will begin at your website, your live stream (your potential members will too), and then come to a service and look at every aspect of your presentation.  We check your lighting, Imag (screen presentation), audio experience, video presentations (if applicable), and even your signage.  We then check over your gear and help you separate the good stuff from the gear that may be holding back your message!

Staff Training & Integration

The other issue facing most churches, is that it seems too often that churches have paid staff that is stretched thin, and have to rely on either volunteers with limited training or staff that have offered to learn new skills to make the service successful.  So we spend time with your volunteers and get to know them, their backgrounds, strengths & weaknesses to give you real insight into the level of your team, and provide training on either your current or newly installed gear so you can get the most out of your investment.

We have years of experience working with the delicate nature of staff/volunteer relationships, and have learned how to help foster camaraderie and rapport with existing technical staff.  We don’t want your team to feel that we are there to let leadership know what they’re doing wrong, but to come along side them and give them the tools and training they need to do their job to the best of their ability.

LED Sales & Support

Ascension Media is uniquely situated in the lighting landscape to assist in bringing previously unattainable technology to the Church.  While working at Calvary, Matt (our founder) had an opportunity to work directly with an LED Wall/Lighting manufacturer in China to procure the technology that was needed for new construction going on in the church.  During this process he became friends with the manager of the factory in China, and the liaison that was assigned to help during the project.  Not only was that project successful, but the two companies formed an alliance, and they’re now working together to bring amazing quality LED walls to churches and rental companies in the US.

Programming & Automation

No matter how good your team, sometimes it seems like getting a your services consistent from week to week is a challenge.  We all have heard the stories, you have that one volunteer who clicks the slides right AFTER the words begin.  Or the lighting guy that strobes all through worship causing some of your members to spend time talking in the lobby during worship, instead of enjoying the service.  Service consistency is the number one concern among many of the pastors that I communicate with consistently.  To help with this we are now putting together packages to help churches automate their services and make them identical (technologically) week to week.  With this new system that Ascension has created you can run background tracks or just a guide and a metronome during service, and use them to trigger slides in pro presenter,* lighting change* cues & so much more!

*All items must be MIDI compatible and have the correct connection devices available, please contact Ascension Media for details.

Re-Branding & Re-Launching

Sometimes as a Pastor you enter a situation and realize there are church image issues, or that it’s necessary to jettison and old negative stigma in favor of a new image.  When this happens we call it a Re-Brand & Re-Launch.

Not only does it give the church something to be excited about, but it also clears any negative image you may have in the community. But the biggest advantage is that it gives you the opportunity to write your own story.  Our team can take you through the process of what needs to be done and when. Establish a reasonable timeline, to curb stress.  We help you develop your vision statement, and write a narrative for your church to follow, then assist with filming videos and crafting a social media presence.

Re-Branding is not just for failing churches, this can also be a great option if you have not had any issues as a church, but just want to head a different direction.  Re-Branding doesn’t mean Re-Naming, sometimes you refresh the logo and the feel of your auditorium.  It gives fresh excitement and allows you (many times) to make many wholesale changes at once, and all with the congregation and board’s blessing.  And our team will even be available to have conversations with your board to explain what we do and why it’s important.  We live in a different age, and Ascension Media is here to help you join the Social Media era, where who you are online is as important as who you are live!  If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line!

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